Famous West Virginians (U)

Last revision: Dec. 4, 2017

Cecil Underwood (1922-2008) became West Virginia’s youngest Governor when he was elected in 1956. At the time he was the youngest governor in the U. S. Shortly after being elected, he appeared on the CBS television show To Tell the Truth, as the first person to appear on the first show in the series. He returned on the show’s fifth anniversary. Underwood was re-elected in 1996 at age 74, becoming West Virginia's oldest Governor. He was born at Josephs Mills.

Wayne Underwood, who is from Salem and Grantsville, played football for Marshall University and then played professionally for the original Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns. He returned home to become head coach at Calhoun County High School, leading the Red Devils to several unbeaten seasons. He died of a heart attack while at school.

Lynda Upthegrove has recorded two CDs and was touring in Europe in 2001. She was born in Morgantown and moved to Charleston when she was four years old. The Upthegrove Center at Charleston Area Medical Center is named after her father, Dr. Daniel Upthegrove, a psychiatrist on the faculty of WVU's school of medicine. After he died in 1979, her mother moved the family back to Birmingham, England, where she still resides.

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