WMOV, Ravenswood

WMOV went on the air in 1957.

In May 1961 the station was purchased by Good Neighbor Broadcasters Inc., which included Rex Osborne, N. S. Tweel, and Robert Ellis, then the mayor of Huntington.

Information provided by the station in 1989 included the following.

When this group purchased the station, it had been so abused that actually the transmitter knobs had been melted off. After straightening up the transmitter and putting the station into good operating condition, the signal was so much more powerful that neighboring stations complained and the FCC inspector, when he called, mentioned the fact that WMOV could now be heard more than ten miles out of town.

The obituary of Herbert Rex Osborne (1926-2003) stated that he was the owner/operator of WMOV Radio for more than 40 years. It also stated that, following graduation from college, he built and operated radio stations WDOC and WPRT in Prestonsburg, Ky.

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