142 FM Stations Operating in 33 States

53 Added to List Released Last November by FCC

This article appeared in Broadcasting-Telecasting on Jan. 20, 1947.

A total of 142 FM stations in 33 states and the District of Columbia are now in operation, according to a list released by FCC last Tuesday.

The list exceeded by 53 the number reported in operation last November [Broadcasting, Nov. 11], and was six greater than the 136 which FCC announced 10 days ago were on the air as of Dec. 31 [Broadcasting, Jan. 13].

'Nearly all FM stations are employing interim equipment pending completion of full construction,' the Commission said, 'and in some instances operation may be interrupted due to equipment changes and construction.'

Almost 50 of the 142 were licensed before the war and some of these are continuing temporarily to operate in the old FM band. In addition to the 142, FCC said, an FM program service is being furnished by a developmental station in Cleveland.

The FCC list of operating stations follows. In cases where the old FM band is still used, that frequency is shown in parentheses. Asterisks denote temporary frequency assignments. AM affiliation of the FM stations, if any, is shown in parentheses.


WAFM Voice of Alabama (WAPI), Birmingham 94.3


KRFM J. E. Rodman (KFRE), Fresno 102.3
KHJ-FM Don Lee B/c System (KHJ), Los Angeles 99.7
KRCC Contra Costa B/c Co., Richmond 104.7
KPOR B/c Corp. of America (KPRO), Riverside 102.1
KANY McClatchy B/c Co. (KFBK), Sacramento 102.5
KFMB-FM Jack Gross B/c Co. (KFMB), San Diego 100.5
KRON Chronicle Pub. Co., San Francisco 96.1
KJBS-FM KJBS Broadcasters (KJBS), San Francisco 98.5
KGDM-FM E. F. Peffer (KGDM), Stockton 101.3


WTIC-FM Travelers B/c Service Corp. (WTIC), (45.3), Hartford *106.7
WDRC-FM WDRC Inc. (WDRC), (46.5), Hartford *106.3


WASH Commercial Radio Equipment Co., Washington 98.9
WINX-FM WINX B/c Co. (WINX), (43.2), Washington 92.9


WQAM-FM Miami B/c Co. (WQAM), Miami 95.5
WIOD-FM Isle of Dreams B/c Corp. (WIOD), Miami 97.5
WKAT-FM A. Frank Katzentine (WKAT), Miami Beach 96.7
WWPG-FM Palm Beach B/c Corp. (WWPG), Palm Beach 97.9
WCOA-FM Pensacola B/c Co. (WCOA), Pensacola 92.9


WRBL-FM Columbus B/c Co. (WRBL), Columbus 96.7
WGBA Georgia-Alabama B/c Corp., Columbus 96.3
WBML-FM Middle Georgia B/c Co. (WBML), Macon 102.3
WMAZ-FM Southeastern B/c Co. (WMAZ), Macon 101.9
WSAV-FM WSAV Inc. (WSAV), Savannah 98.9
WTOC-FM Savannah B/c Co. (WTOC), Savannah 98.5


KIDO-FM KIDO Inc., (KIDO), Boise 102.1


WBBM-FM CBS Inc. (WBBM), Chicago 99.3
WDLM Moody Bible Institute of Chicago (WMBI), Chicago 99.7
WGNB WGN Inc. (WGN), (45.9 mc), Chicago 98.9
WEFM Zenith Radio Corp. (45.1 mc), Chicago 98.5
WSOY-FM Commodore B/c Inc. (WSOY), Decatur 98.7
WFJS Freeport Journal-Standard Pub. Co., Freeport 102.1
WMIX Mt. Vernon Rad. & Telev. Co., Mt. Vernon 103.7


WMLL Evansville on the Air (WGBF), Evansville 94.7
WOWO-FM Westinghouse Radio Stations (WOWO), (44.9 mc), Ft. Wayne 95.9
WABW Associated Broadcasters (WBBW), (47.3 mc), Indianapolis ...
WSBF South Bend Tribune (WSBT), South Bend 101.3


KBUR-FM Burlington B/c Co. (KBUR), Burlington 99.3


KTJS Topeka State Journal, Topeka 102.9
WIBW-FM Topeka B/c Assn. (WIBW), Topeka 102.5


WPAD-FM Paducah B/c Co. (WPAD), Paducah 96.9


KPDR-FM Central Louisiana B/c Corp. (KPDR), Alexandria 100.5
WBRL Baton Rouge B/c Co. (WJBO), Baton Rouge 96.1
WRCM Supreme B/c System (WJMR), New Orleans 95.3
WTPS-FM Times Picayune Pub. Co. (WTPS), New Orleans 94.5
WWLH Loyola U. (WWL), New Orleans 94.9


WITH-FM Maryland B/c Co. (WITH), Baltimore 102.5


WBZ-FM Westinghouse Radio Stations (WBZ), (46.7 mc), Boston 100.7
WMNE Yankee Network (43.9 mc), Stu.--Boston; Trans.--Mt. Wash., N. H. 98.1
WGTR Yankee Network (WNAC), (44.3 mc), Boston 103.1
WFMR E. Anthony & Sons, New Bedford 97.3
WBZA-FM Westinghouse Radio Stations (WBZA), (48.1 mc), Springfield 97.1
WTAG-FM WTAG Inc. (WTAG), Worcester 102.7


WBCM-FM Bay City B/c Co. (WBCM), Bay City 97.9
WLOU Booth Radio Stations Inc. (WJLB), Detroit 96.5
WELL-FM Federated Publications Inc. (WELL), Battle Creek 102.1
WENA Evening News Assn. (WWJ), (44.5 mc), Detroit 96.9


WTCN-FM Minnesota B/c Corp. (WTCN), Minneapolis 97.1
KROC-FM Southern Minnesota B/c Co. (KROC), Rochester 94.7
KSTP-FM KSTP Inc. (KSTP), St. Paul 102.1


WMBH-FM Joplin B/c Co. (WMBH), Joplin 102.3
KOZY Commercial Rad. Equip. Co., Kansas City 99.9
KMBC-FM Midland B/c Co. (KMBC), (46.5 mc), Kansas City 97.9
WIL-FM Missouri B/c Corp. (WIL), St. Louis 92.1
KWK-FM Thomas Patrick Inc. (KWK), St. Louis 95.3


KOAD World Pub. Co. (KOWH), Omaha 92.5


(WFMN) Edwin H. Armstrong (44.1 mc), Alpine ....
(WFMN) Edwin H. Armstrong, Alpine *92.1


WNBF-FM Wylie B. Jones Adv. Agency (WNBF), (44.9 mc), Binghamton 96.3
WBEN-FM WBEN Inc. (WBEN), Buffalo 92.1
WEBR-FM WEBR Inc. (WEBR), Buffalo 92.5
WWHG W. H. Greenhow Co., Hornell 99.9
WHCU-FM Cornell U. (WHCU), Ithaca 101.3
WNYC-FM City of New York (WNYC), New York 95.3
WCBS-FM CBS Inc. (WCBS), New York 96.9
WGHF W. G. H. Finch, New York 99.7
WQXQ Interstate B/c Co. (WQXR), (45.9 mc), New York 97.7
WMGM Marcus Loew Booking Agency (WHN), New York 99.3
WABF Metropolitan Television Inc. (47.5 mc), New York 98.5
WGYN Muzak Radio B/c Station Inc., New York 96.1
WNBC-FM NBC Inc. (WNBC), New York 97.3
WHFM Stromberg-Carlson Co. (WHAM), (45.1 mc), Rochester 98.9
WHEF WHEC Inc. (WHEC), (44.7 mc), Rochester 96.9
WRUN Rome Sentinel Co., Rome 98.3
WBCA Capitol B/c Co. (44.7 mc), Schenectady ...
WGFM General Electric Co. (WGY), (48.5 mc), Schenectady 100.7
WSYR-FM Central New York B/c Corp. (WSYR), Syracuse 93.5
WTRI Troy B/c Co. (WTRY), Troy 102.3
WIBX-FM WIBX Inc. (WIBX), Utica 97.9
WHLD-FM Niagara Falls Gazette Pub. Co. (WHLD), Niagara Falls 95.7


WBBB-FM Alamance B/c Co. (WBBB), Burlington 101.3
WGBR-FM Eastern Carolina B/c Co. (WGBR), Goldsboro 99.7
WMFR-FM Radio Station WMFR (WMFR), High Point 97.7
WRAL-FM Capitol B/c Co. (WRAL), Raleigh 95.3
WMIT Gordon Gray (WSJS), (44.1 mc), Winston-Salem 97.3


WLWA Crosley B/c Corp. (WLW), Cincinnati 98.1
WELD RadiOhio Inc. (WBNS), (44.5 mc), Columbus 94.5
WFOB Laurence W. Harry, Fostoria 105.1
WFRO Robert F. Wolfe Co., Fremont 104.7
WTOD-FM Unity Corp. (WTOD), Toledo 97.7
WRRN-FM Nied & Stevens (WRRN), Warren 104.3 [Charles Ring says station never on air]
WCMW-FM Stark B/c Corp. (WCMW), Canton 96.3


KMUS Muskogee B/c Co., Muskogee 92.1
KTOK-FM KTOK Inc. (KTOK), Oklahoma City 100.5
KOCY-FM Plaza Court B/c Co. (KOCY), Oklahoma City 98.5
WKY-FM WKY Radiophone Co. (WKY), Oklahoma City 98.9


KGW-FM Oregonian Pub. Co. (KGW), Portland 95.3
KPRA Pacific Radio Adv. Service, Portland 95.7
KPFM Broadcasters Oregon Ltd., Portland 94.9


WHP-FM WHP Inc. (WHP), Harrisburg 97.3
WPEN-FM Wm. Penn B/c Co. (WPEN), Philadelphia 99.5
WIP-FM Pennsylvania B/c Co. (WIP), Philadelphia 97.5
WCAU-FM WCAU B/c Co. (WCAU), Philadelphia 102.7
KYW-FM Westinghouse Radio Stations (KYW), (45.7 mc), Philadelphia 100.3
WFIL-FM Triangle Publications (WFIL), (45.3 mc), Philadelphia 99.9
KDKA-FM Westinghouse Radio Stations (KDKA), (47.5 mc), Pittsburgh 92.9
WEAX Peoples B/c Co. (WLAN), Lancaster 92.3
WMOT WWSW Inc. (WWSW), Pittsburgh 94.5
WIZZ Scranton-Wilkes-Barre-Pittston B/c Co., Wilkes-Barre 103.3
WGAL-FM WGAL Inc. (WGAL), Lancaster 92.7


WSPA-FM Spartanburg Adv. Co. (WSPA), Spartanburg 92.1


WTJS-FM Sun Pub. Co. (WTJS), Jackson 95.1
WROL-FM S. E. Adcock (WROL), Knoxville 93.1
WAPO-FM Ramon G. Patterson et al dba WAPO B/c Sys. (WAPO), Chattanooga 97.9


KERA A. H. Belo Corp. (WFAA), Dallas 94.3
KOPY Texas Star B/c Co. (KTHT), Houston 98.5
KPRC-FM Houston Printing Corp. (KPRC), Houston 99.7
KISS Walmac Co. (KMAC), San Antonio 100.1
KYFM Express Pub. Co., San Antonio 101.5
WOAI-FM Southland Industries (WOAI), San Antonio 102.3
KCMC-FM KCMC Inc. (KCMC), Texarkana 92.5
KTRN Times Pub. Co. of Wichita Falls, Wichita Falls 97.7


KSL-FM Radio Service Corp. of Utah (KSL), Salt Lake City 100.1


WSVA-FM Shenandoah Valley B/c Corp. (WSVA), Harrisonburg 94.3
WCOD Havens & Martin Inc. (WMBG), Richmond 92.5
WSAP-FM Portsmouth Radio Corp. (WSAP), Portsmouth 94.7
WINC-FM Richard Field Lewis Jr. (WINC), Winchester 96.3


WCFC Beckley Newspapers Corp., Beckley 101.1
WJLS-FM Joe L. Smith Jr. (WJLS), Beckley 100.7


WTMJ-FM Journal Co. (WTMJ), (45.5 mc), Milwaukee 92.3
WDUL Head of the Lakes B/c Co. (WEBC), Superior 92.3


KFBA Frontier B/c Co. (KFBC), Cheyenne 95.7

The above article did not list non-commercial stations. To make this page more complete, here are the non-commercial stations listed in the 1947 Broadcasting Yearbook.

WNYEBoard of Education, City of New YorkBrooklyn, NY91.720,000
KALWBoard of Education, San Francisco United School DistrictSan Francisco, CA91.71500
WBEZBoard of Education, City of ChicagoChicago, IL42.51000
WBKYUniversity of KentuckyLexington, KY91.32300
WBOECleveland City Board of EducationCleveland, OH90.110,000
WIUCUniversity of IllinoisUrbana, IL42.9250

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