The following was taken from a 1926 publication.

Short-Wave Stations of the World

This list, containing more than a hundred short-wave stations situated throughout the world, is about the most completely accurate one yet to be printed. The Traffic Department of the Radio Corporation of America cooperated in its compilation. Included in this list are stations known to be operating on the wavelengths given. Stations licensed for operation, and stations which have been in operation to any considerable extent during the past year, and which are not definitely discontinued.

POF Nauen Germany 22209
2XS Rocky Point New York 20082
2XAW Schenectady New York 19988
2BR Chelmsford England 19988
POF Nauen Germany 18738
NKF Anacostia District of Columbia 18738
2BR Chelmsford England 17636
POF Nauen Germany 16657
2XAD Schenectady New York 14991
KFVM S. S. Idalia ... 14991
POF Nauen Germany 14991
NAL Washington District of Columbia 14991
NEPQ U. S. S. Relief ... 14991
NKF Anacostia District of Columbia 14414
WIK New Brunswick New Jersey 13628
2YT Poldhu England 11993
POY Nauen Germany 11993
FW Sainte Assise France 11993
NKF Anacostia District of Columbia 11758
AGA Nauen Germany 11532
PCMM Kootwijck Holland 10903
POW Nauen Germany 10708
2XI Schenectady New York 9994
NAL Washington District of Columbia 9798
2YT Poldhu England 9369
ANE Matahar Java 9369
NAJ Great Lakes Illinois 8630
WQO Rocky Point New York 8560
PCM Kootwijck Holland 8328
PCUU Kootwijck Holland 7890
KFVM S. S. Idalia ... 7496
NAS Pensacola Florida 7496
NAJ Great Lakes Illinois 7496
NPG San Francisco California 7496
NRRL U. S. S. Seattle ... 7496
NQW U. S. S. New Mexico ... 7496
2XAC Schenectady New York 7496
NKF Anacostia District of Columbia 7260
2XAF WGY Schenectady 7160
5XH New Orleans Louisiana 7139
FW Sainte Assise France 7139
WIZ New Brunswick New Jersey 6970
WQO Rocky Point New York 6814
KZA Los Angeles California 6814
KZB Los Angeles California 6814
PCLL Kootwijck Holland 6518
WHD Sharon Pennsylvania 6119
NPM Honolulu Territory of Hawaii 6119
2XAD Schenectady New York 5996
SAJ Kartsborg Sweden 5996
WQN Rocky Point New York 5822
NPU Tutuila Samoa 5657
NBA Balboa Canal Zone 5552
NKF Anacostia District of Columbia 5511
KFKX Hastings Nebraska 5354
ANF Malahar Java 5354
1XAO Belfast Maine 5354
WQN Rock Point New York 5260
KDKA East Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 5100
KDC Casper Wyoming 5082
2YT Poldhu England 4997
KDKA East Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 4759
8XS East Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 4475
NPO Cavite Philippine Islands 4499
WRB Miami Florida 4383
WRP Miami Florida 4383
2XAO Belfast Maine 4283
POX Nauen Germany 4283
NPO Cavite Philippine Islands 4283
NERM U. S. S. Los Angeles ... 4283,
NQG San Diego California 4253
NKF Anacostia District of Columbia 4205
NPL San Diego California 4182
WIR New Brunswick New Jersey 4052
SFR Paris France 3998
NUQB U. S. S. Pope ... 3998
NIRX U. S. S. Canopus ... 3998
NAJ Great Lakes Illinois 3945
NFV Quantico Virginia 3674
J1AA Iwatsuki Japan 3795
KFVM S. S. Idalia ... 3748
NEL Lakehurst New Jersey 3748
2XK Schenectady New York 3748
NPG San Francisco California 3701
NKF Anacostia District of Columbia 3679
RDW Moscow Russia 3612
NKF Anacostia District of Columbia 3569
SFR Paris France 3527
NQG San Diego California 3486
KIO Kahuku Territory Hawaii 3331
2YT Poldhu England 3190
KEL Bolinas California 3156
8XS East Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 3123
POX Nauen Germany 2998
NAM Norfolk Virginia 2998
WGH Tuckerton New Jersey 2911
WHU S. S. Big Bill ... 2855
2XK Schenectady New York 2751
KFVT S. S. Eloise ... 2726
KFHV S. S. Facile ... 2726
KFWJ S. S. Gallavant ... 2726
1XAO Belfast Maine 2677
FL Paris France 2607
KFWK S. S. Nirvana ... 2607
KFVB S. S. Bridget ... 2600

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