Visual Broadcasting Stations as of June 30, 1930

The following is the Federal Radio Commission list of visual broadcasting stations as of June 30, 1930. Thanks to John Bowker, who provided this website with the original FRC publication.

W1XAVBostonMA2.1-2.2500Shortwave & Television Laboratory (Inc.)
W1XAYLexingtonMA2.0-2.15000Lexington Air Stations, Adams St., care of Carl S. Wheeler
W1XYLawrenceMA2.0-2.1250Pilot Laboratories (Inc.)
W2XAPJersey CityNJ2.75-2.85250Jenkins Television Corp. (portable)
W2XBANewarkNJ2.75-2.85500WAAM (Inc.), 7 Bond St.
W2XBOLong Island CityNY2.0-2.1, 2.75-2.855000United Research Corporation, 39-41 Van Pelt Ave.
W2XBSNew YorkNY2.0-2.15000R. C. A., 66 Van Cortlandt Park, South (portable)
W2XBUBeaconNY2.0-2.1100Harold E. Smith
W2XCDPassaicNJ2.0-2.15000De Forest Radio Co.
W2XCONew YorkNY2.1-2.25000R. C. A.
W2XCPAllwoodNJ2.0-2.1, 2.85-2.952000Freed-Eisenmann Radio Corp., Junius St. and Liberty Ave., New York, N. Y.
W2XCRJersey CityNJ2.75-2.855000Jenkins Television Corp. 346-370 Claremont Ave.
W2XCWSchenectadyNY2.1-2.220000General Electric Co.
W2XRLong Island CityNY2.1-2.2, 2.85-2.95500Radio Pictures (Inc.), 3104 Northern Blvd.
W2XXOssiningNY2.0-2.1100Robert F. Gowen
W3XADCamdenNJ2.85-2.95500R. C. A. Victor Co. (Inc.)
W3XAKBound BrookNJ2.0-2.15000R. C. A. (portable)
W3XKSilver SpringMD2.0-2.1, 2.85-2.955000Jenkins Laboratories, 1519 Connecticut Ave., Washington, D. C.
W3XLBound BrookNJ2.85-2.9530000R. C. A. Communications (Inc.)
W7XAOPortlandOR2.75-2.85100Wilbur Jerman, 385 Fifty-Eighth St.
W8XAVEast PittsburghPA2.0-2.1, 2.1-2.2, 2.75-2.8520000Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Co.
W8XTEast PittsburghPA0.6625000Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Co.
W9XAAChicagoIL2.0-2.11000Chicago Federation of Labor
W9XAGChicagoIL2.0-2.11000Aero Products (Inc.)
W9XAOChicagoIL2.0-2.1500Western Television Corporation, 6312 Broadway
W9XAPChicagoIL2.75-2.851000Chicago Daily News
W9XAZIowa CityIA2.0-2.1500State Univesity of Iowa
W9XGWest LafayetteIN2.0-2.11500Purdue University
W9XRDowners GroveIL2.85-2.955000Great Lakes Broadcasting Co., 72 West Adams St., Chicago, IL
W10XUAircraft: unnamed...2.0-2.110Jenkins Laboratories, 1519 Connecticut Ave., Washington, D. C. (portable)

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