Visual Broadcasting Stations (1931)

W6XSGardena (near)CA2.1-2.2500Don Lee Inc., 1076 West Seventh St., Los Angeles, CA
W9XAAChicagoIL2.0-2.1, 2.75-2.851000Chicago Federation of Labor
W9XAOChicagoIL2.0-2.1500Western Television Corporation, 6312 Broadway
W9XAPChicagoIL2.1-2.22500Chicago Daily News
W9XRDowners GroveIL2.85-2.955000Great Lakes Broadcasting Co., 72 West Adams St., Chicago, IL
W9XGWest LafayetteIN2.75-2.851500Purdue University, 400 Northwestern Ave.
W1XAVBostonMA2.85-2.951000Shortwave & Television Laboratory Inc.
W1XGBoston (portable)MA43-46, 48.5-50.3, 60-8030Shortwave & Televison Corp., 70 Brookline Ave.
W3XKSilver SpringMD2.0-2.15000Jenkins Laboratories, 1519 Connecticut Ave., Washington, D. C.
W2XCPAllwoodNJ2.0-2.1, 2.85-2.952000Freed-Eisenmann Radio Corp., Junius St. and Liberty Ave., New York, N. Y.
W3XAKBound Brook (portable)NJ2.1-2.25000National Broadcasting Co. Inc.
W3XADCamdenNJ2.1-2.2, 43-46, 48.5-50.3, 60-80500R. C. A. Victor Co. Inc.
W2XCDPassaicNJ2.0-2.15000De Forest Radio Co.
W2XAPPassaic (portable)NJ2.0-2.1250Jenkins Television Corp.
W2XBUBeaconNY2.0-2.1100Harold E. Smith
W2XBOLong Island CityNY2.75-2.85500United Research Corporation, 39 Van Pelt Ave.
W2XRLong Island CityNY2.1-2.2, 2.85-2.95, 43-46, 48.5-50.3, 60-80500Radio Pictures Inc., 3104 Northern Blvd.
W2XABNew YorkNY2.75-2.85500Atlantic Broadcasting Corp., 485 Madison Ave.
W2XBSNew YorkNY2.1-2.25000National Broadcasting Co. Inc. 711 Fifth Ave.
W2XCRNew YorkNY2.0-2.15000Jenkins Television Corp., 346 Claremont Ave.
W2XBTNew York state (portable)NY43-46, 48.5-50.3, 60-80750National Broadcasting Co. Inc.
W2XCWSchenectadyNY2.1-2.220000General Electric Co.
W8XAVEast PittsburghPA2.1-2.220000Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Co.
W8XTEast PittsburghPA0.6625000Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Co.
W10XGUnited States (portable)US43-46, 48.5-50.3, 60-80500De Forest Radio Co.
W9XDMilwaukeeWI43-46, 48.5-50.3, 60-80500The Journal Co. (Milwaukee Journal)

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