West Virginia Radio Stations in 1935

Source: The 1935 West Virginia Blue Book


Owned and operated by the Charleston Broadcasting Corporation; studios, 223 1/2 Capitol Street; call letters, WCHS; frequency, 516.9 meters, 580 kilocycles; power, 1,000 watts to local sunset, thereafter 500 watts; hours, daily, 7 A. M. to 11 P. M.; Sunday, 12 noon to 6 P. M. President, Luther T. Long; vice president and general manager, W. C. McKellar; chief engineer, Glenn E. Chase; secretary, B. Eleanor Gregory; salesmen, E. B. Ferguson and John S. Phillips; announcers, Bert Halestrap and Bob Kliment; staff pianist, Phyllis Dressler; chief transmitting operator, W. F. Bradley; transmitting operators, Gus Zaharis and R. M. Casto; assistant engineer, L. T. Miller.


Owned and operated by the Daily Telegraph Printing Company, Inc.; main studio, Bodell Building, Commerce Street; transmitter in West Virginian Hotel; call letters, WHIS; frequency 212.8 meters, 1410 kilocycles; power, 500 watts; hours, 7:00 A. M. to 10:00 P. M., daily; Sunday, 9:00 A. M. to 6:00 P. M. President, H. I. Shott; vice president, Jim H. Shott; secretary, B. L. Early; treasurer, H. I. Shott, Jr.; station manager, C. H. Murphey; chief engineer, P. T. Flanagan; program director, G. W. Saunders.


Owned and operated by A. M. Rowe, Inc., subsidiary of the West Virginia Broadcasting Corporation; affiliated with the Columbia Broadcasting System; studios, 208 Main Street, Fairmont, and 137 West Main Street, Clarksburg; call letters, WMMN; frequency, 336.9 meters, 890 kilocycles; power, 500 watts to local sunset, thereafter 250 watts; hours, 7:30 A. M. to 11:00 P. M. President: A. M. Rowe; vice president, George B. Storer; Secretary-treasurer, J. H. Ryan; managing director, A. W. Ramsey; chief engineer, A. C. Heck; production manager, Pat C. Moran; announcers, J. P. Repep, George J. Gow, Frank Knutti, Howard Donahoe, Bob Callahan; engineers, J. R. Heck, Fred Cooper, William Gaines, Everett Kirby, Don McWhorter; office employees, R. C. Warden, Joseph Larosa, Margaret Patterson, Pauline Haymond; salesmen, Henry Molley, Lorraine Gainer, A. H. Green.


Owned and operated by WSAZ, Inc.; studios, 3rd floor, Keith-Albee Building; call letters, WSAZ; frequency, 1190 kilocycles; power, 1000 watts; hours, 7 A. M. to 7 P. M. President: W. C. McKellar; vice president, Luther T. Long; chief engineer, Glenn E. Chase; secretary to the president, Irma M. McClung; chief operator, Leland B. Perry; operator, William Holtzman; announcer, Homer Cunningham; announcer, Art Vienman; announcer, John Henry.


Owned and operated by West Virginia Broadcasting Corporation; call letters, WWVA; frequency, 258.5 meters; 1160 kilocycles; power, 5000 watts; hours, Sunday, 7:00 A. M. to 8:00 P. M, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 6:00 A. M. to 8:30 P. M., Tuesday and Thursday, 6:00 A. M. to 8:30 P. M., and 11:00 P. M. to 1:00 A. M., and Saturday, 6:00 A. M. to 5:30 P. M. and 7:00 P. M. to 2:00 A. M. Managing director, George W. Smith; production manager and announcer, Paul J. Miller; program director and announcer, Walter S. Patterson; announcers, Felix D. Adams and Wayne A. Sanders; chief engineer, Glenn G. Boundy; engineers, Edwin L. Keim, Wm. McGlumphy, Jack Supler, Carl P. Beseler.

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