Slogans of Radio Stations, 1926-32

The following is a list of slogans used by radio stations in the 1920s and 1930s. An important source for this list was Tom Kneitel's excellent Radio Station Treasury 1900-1946.

CFCACanada's Finest Covers America
CFCNVoice of the Prairie
CFCOComing from Chatham, Ont
CFCTThe Mecca of the Tourists
CFCYThe End of the Black Fox Trail
CFLCVoice of the Mighty St Lawrence
CJWCThe University
CJWCThe Voice of Saskatoon
CKGWCanada's Cheerio Station
CKNCIn the Land of the Sky Blue Water
CKOCThe Voice of Hamilton
CKYManitoba's Own Station
CMXHavana's Ether Stirrer
CNRAThe Voice of the Maritimes
CNRVThe Voice of the Pacific
KCRCGold Spot of the South
KDKAPioneer Broadcasting Station of the World
KDLRNorth Dakota's Own Station
KDLRVoice of the Lake Region
KDYLOut On the Great Divide
KELWWhite Spot of the San Fernando Valley
KEXA Public Service Necessity
KFABHome Sweet Home Station
KFADThe Voice of Phoenix--The Gold Spot of America
KFAUThe Voice of Idaho
KFBISunshine Station in the Heart of the Nation
KFBKSacramento, The Heart of California
KFBLThe Spark Plug of the North West
KFBLVoice of Puget Sound
KFBUThe Top of the World
KFDMKall For Dependable Magnolene
KFELCome Live in Colorado
KFELThe Argonaut Station
KFEYVoice of the Coeur D'Alene
KFFPThe Gospel Messenger of the Air
KFGQDaniel Boone Station
KFGQKeep Faithful; Go Quickly
KFHKansas' Finest Hotel
KFHAWhere the Sun Shines Every Day
KFHLKeen For Higher Learning
KFINational Institution
KFIThe Radio Central SuperStation
KFJBMarshalltown the Heart of Iowa
KFJMGrand Forks, the Education Center of the State
KFJYWhere the Tall Corn Grows
KFKAThe Pike's Peak Station
KFKAWe Are The Bears
KFKUUp at Lawrence on the Kaw
KFKXPioneer Repeating Station of the World
KFLVThe Voice of the Forest City
KFMRThe College by the Sioux
KFMWCopper Country Station
KFNFKeep Friendly, Never Frown
KFNFKnown for Neighborly Folks
KFNFThe Friendly Station
KFOBKind Fellows of Burlingame
KFONWhere Your Ship Comes In
KFORThe Voice of David City
KFOXWhere Your Ship Comes In
KFPLBanter's Place
KFPMThe Biggest Little Ten Watt Station in the World
KFPMThe World's Biggest Little Station
KFPWKeeping Pace With Christ Means Progress
KFPYSpokane's Pioneer Station
KFQBKeep Folks Quoting Bible
KFQWGateway to Alaska and the Orient
KFRCKeep Forever Radiating Cheer
KFRUWhere Friendliness Is Broadcast Daily
KFSGThe Church of the Air
KFUCThe Best 50 Watt Station on the Air
KFULThe City of Perpetual Sunshine
KFUMKnown for Unsurpassed Mountain Scenery
KFUOThe Gospel Voice; Keep forward, upward, onward
KFVNThe Voice of Martin County
KFVRDenver's Mighty Little Fifty Watt Broadcasting Station
KFVSThe City of Opportunity
KFWCThe Gate City
KFWFThe Voice of Truth
KFWMThe Golden West Station
KFWOKatalina for Wonderful Outings
KFXBRim of the World Station
KFXFVoice of Denver
KFXJAmerica's Scenic Center
KFXJEdgewater, Not Chicago, Colorado
KFXMVoice of the Orange Empire
KFYFThe Voice from the Radio Den
KFYOBreckenbridge, the Dynamo of West Texas
KGARWay Out in the Desert
KGBMusic for the Sick
KGBThe Sunshine State of America
KGBZThe Swine and Poultry Station
KGCRVoice of Friendship
KGCUThe Voice of the West
KGDAWorld's Only Corn Palace
KGDEKills Gloomy Dull Evenings
KGDYThe Voice of South Dakota
KGERWave of Long Beach
KGEZThe Beautiful Flathead Valley
KGFGOld Glory Station
KGFIVoice of West Texas
KGFJKeeping Good Folks Joyful
KGGMThe Voice of the Health Country
KGHILittle Rock's Most Popular StatIon
KGKYWestern Nebraska's Only Radio Station
KGNOIn the Great Southwestern
KGTTGlad Tidings
KGUIn the Land of Sunshine
KGWKeep Growing Wiser
KGYOut Where the Cedars Meet the Sea
KHJKindness, Happiness, Joy
KHQTells the World
KJBSVoice of the Storage Battery
KJRRadio Headquarters
KLDSThe Station Dedicated to Knowledge, Liberty, Divinity, and Service
KLSThe City of Golden Opportunity
KLXOakland, Where Rail and Water Meet
KLZIt's a Privilege to Live in Colorado
KLZWay Out West In Denver
KMAKeep Millions Advised
KMACRadio Sam at San Antonio
KMBCMidland Broadcast Central
KMEDSee Crater Lake
KMMJOld Trusty
KMOXThe Voice of St. Louis
KMTRYour Friend in Hollywood
KNRCThe Friendly Station
KNXVoice of Hollywood
KOARocky Mountain Broadcasting Station
KOAVoice of the Rocky Mountains
KOACScience for Service
KOBSunshine State of America
KOCHVoice of 2,000 Students
KOILThe Hilltop Studio
KOINHood River Apples from Portland
KOYThe Radio Voice of Arizona
KPOThe Voice of San Francisco, the City by the Golden Gate
KPQVoice of the Apple Country
KPRCKotton Port Rail Center
KPRCWhere Seventeen Railroads Meet the Sea
KQPKQP and the Portland News
KQVThe Smoky City Station
KQWFor God and Country
KQWKing's Quickening Word
KQWPioneer Broadcasting Station of the World
KRLDDown Where the Blue Bonnets Grow
KRMDWe Cover the Buying Radius
KSEIKummunity Southeast Idaho
KSLSalt Lake City The Center of Scenic America
KSLVoice of the Intermountain Empire
KSMRThe Valley of Gardens
KSOKeep Serving Others
KTABKnowledge Truth and Beauty
KTARArizona's Greatest Broadcasting Station
KTHSKum to Hot Springs
KTMThe Station with a Smile
KTNTThe Home of the Calliaphone, and the first new tone in 40 years
KTRHKum to the Rice Hotel
KTSAKum to San Antonio
KTWServe the Lord, Preach the Gospel, Evangelize the World
KUOAThe Voice of the Ozarks
KUSDSouth Dakota University for South Dakotans
KUTKumm to the University of Texas
KVIPuget Sound Station
KVOOThe Voice of Oklahoma
KVORVoice of Rockies
KWCRThe Voice of Cedar Rapids
KWGVoice of San Joaquin Valley
KWJJVoice from Broadway
KWKCKeep Watching Kansas City
KWKHKill Worry; Keep Health
KWSCThe Voice of the Cougars
KWWGKum to the World's Winter Garden
KXLVoice of Portland
KXOImperial Valley Station
NAAWhere the Time Signals Originate
VASVoice of the Atlantic Seaboard
WAAMThe Sunshine Station
WAAWWhere Agriculture Accumulates Wealth
WABIThe Community Voice
WABZThe Station With a Message
WAFDGateway to Great Lakes
WAITWe Are in Taunton
WAMDThe Call of the North
WAPIThe Voice of Alabama
WBAPWhere the West Begins
WBAXIn Wyoming Valley, Home of Anthracite
WBBCU Brooklyn's Own Stations
WBBLThe Gateway North and South
WBBMThe Stewart-Warner Station
WBBPThere's only one Petoskey
WBBSThe Gospel Wave
WBBYSeaport of the Southeast
WBCMWhere the Summer Trail Begins
WBDCYour Friendly Station
WBNYThe Voice of the Heart of New York
WBOWThe Banks of the Wabash
WBRCThe Biggest Little Radio Station in the World
WBTQueen City of the South
WBZThe Broadcasting Station of New England
WCACFrom the Nutmeg State
WCADThe Voice of the North Country
WCAHThe Pioneer Broadcasting Station of Columbus
WCALAt St Olaf, the College on the Hill
WCAUWhere Cheer Awaits U
WCAXThe Voice of the Green Mountains
WCBDWhere God Rules Man Prospers
WCBE2nd Port U S A
WCBQWe Can't Be Quiet
WCBRNew One in Every City Where I Am
WCCOGold Medal Station WCCO
WCCOService to the Northwest
WCCOWashburn Crosby Company
WCFLThe Voice of Labor
WCOAWonderful City of Advantages
WCODWonderful City of Distribution
WCSHThe Voice from Sunrise Land
WCWSThe Birthplace of the American Cotton Industry
WDADThe Athens of the South Where Dollars are Doubled
WDAEAway Down South in the Sunshine State
WDAFHome of the Night Hawks
WDAFThe Nighthawks, the Enemies of Sleep
WDAYBiggest Little City in the World
WDBEWe Distribute Better Equipment
WDBJRoanoke, Down in Old Virginia
WDBKBroz-Casting from Cleveland
WDBOWay Down by Orlando
WDBXNew York's Smallest Station
WDEVThe Voice of the Green Mountain
WDGYSee Young Again
WDODWonderful Dynamo of Dixie
WEAFThe Voice of the Millions
WEANWe Entertain a Nation
WEAUThe Heart of the Corn Belt
WEBCHead of the Great Water Way
WEBHVoice of the Great Lakes
WEBQBlue Bird Station
WEBRWe Extend Buffalo's Regards
WEBZSavannah, Georgia's Port
WEEIThe Friendly Voice
WEHCIn the Hills of Old VIrginia
WEMCThe Radio Lighthouse
WENRMakers of Radio for Years to Come
WENRThe Voice of Service
WESHVoice a the Great Lakes
WEWWe enlighten the world
WFAAWorking For All Alike
WFAMGranite City of the World
WFBGThe Original Gateway to the West
WFBGWish You All the Very Best
WFBHVoice of Central Park
WFBJIn the Heart of a Landscape Paradise
WFBMGood Will Station
WFBMThe Convention City of America
WFBMThe Crossroads of America
WFBRHome of the Star Spangled Banner
WFDFOne of the Pioneers
WFDFThe Vehicle City
WFDWThe Vehicle City
WFIWWhitest Flour in the World
WFRLThe Voice of Brooklyn
WGALWorld's Gardens at Lancaster
WGBBThe Voice of the Sunrise Trait
WGBFCross Roads of the Air
WGBFGateway to the South
WGESWorld's Greatest Electrical School
WGHWorld's Greatest Harbor
WGHBThe Springtime City Uniting the World
WGRKey City of Industry
WHAPWe hold America Protestant
WHARPioneer Broadcasting Station of Atlantic City
WHASMy Old Kentucky Home
WHAVWilmington First City of First State
WHAZThe Oldest College of Science and Engineering in America
WHBThe Heart of America
WHBFWhere Historic Blackhawk Fought
WHBGWhere Harrisburg Broadcasts Gladness
WHBJIn the Middle of the Middle West
WHBPThe Voice of the Friendly City
WHBUOnly Bank Owned Station In Indiana
WHBUThe Home of Chief Anderson
WHDLThe Voice In the Clouds
WHKCleveland, the Convention City
WHNVoice of the Great White Way
WHPThe Radio Voice of Central Pennsylvania
WIADThe Voice from the Birthplace of Liberty
WIASOn the Mississippi
WIBAFour Lakes City
WIBMThe Gypsy Station
WIBWOn the Banks of the Wabash
WIBXThe Hub of New York State
WILThe Friendly Station
WILWatch It Lead
WIODWonderful Isle of Dreams
WIPWatch Its Progress
WISWonderful Iodine State
WJAGThe Home of the Printer's Devil
WJARThe Southern Gateway to New England
WJBBLand of Perpetual Sunshine
WJBCBetter Homes Station
WJBCThe Voice of the Illinois Valley
WJBIMonmouth County's First Broadcasting Station
WJBROmro, the Center of the State of Lakes
WJJDCall of the Moose
WJKSWhere Joy Kills Sorrow
WJRThe Good Will Station
WKAQThe Isle of Enchantment, Where the World's Best Coffee Grows
WKAVThe Gateway to the White Mountains
WKAVThe Voice from the Winjipesaukee Lake Region
WKBFThe Voice of the Capitol
WKBIWe Kill Blues Instantly
WKBSThe Voice of Galesburg
WKRCThe Home of the Gruen Watch
WLBLWisconsin, Land of Beautiful Lakes
WLBWNorthwestern Pennsylvania's Broadcasting Station
WLITThe Quaker City Siren
WLSWorld's Largest Store
WLSIThe New England Station
WLTHThe Voice of Brooklyn
WLVAIn the Heart of Old Virginia, Where the Blue Ridge Begins
WLWThe Nation's Station
WLWThe Station With a Soul
WMBBStation on the Trianon Ballroom
WMBFDown in the Land of Palms
WMBFSunshine Down Where It's Always June
WMBOThe Voice of the Finger Lakes
WMCMemphis, Down in Dixie
WMCAWhere the White Way Begins
WMRJIn the Heart of Queensboro
WNADVoice of Sooner Land
WNALPioneer Broadcast Station of Omaha
WNATWe Never Are Tired in Philadelphia
WNBHThe Gateway to Cape Cod
WNJVoice of Newark
WOAIThe Winter Playground of America
WOANWatch Our Annual Normal
WOAWThe Omaha Station
WOAXTrenton Makes, The World Takes
WOCIn the State Where the Tall Corn Grows
WOCWhere the West Begins
WOCLJamestown, the Pioneer Furniture City
WOCLWe're on Chautauqua Lake
WODAThe Voice of the Silk City
WOKOThe Pioneer Radio Service Station
WOLOThe PlayGround of the Lake Region
WOODThe Furniture Capital of America
WOPIThe Voice of the Appalachians
WOROne of America's Great Stores
WOSWatch Our State
WOWWoodmen of the World
WOWLWhere Owl Batteries Are Made
WOWOWayne Offers Wonderful Opportunities
WPCCWe Preach Christ Crucified
WPGThe World's Playground, Atlantic City
WPRCThe Capital City of the Keystone State
WPSCThe Voice of the Nittany Lions
WQACWhere Quality Alone Counts
WQAMThe Moat Southerly Broadcasting Station in the U S
WQANThe Voice of Anthracite
WRAFThe Voice of the Maple City
WRAMThe Playground of the South
WRAWThe Schuylkill Valley Echo
WRBCWorld Redeemed By Christ
WRCThe Voice of the Capital
WRDWThe Call of Augusta, Ga
WRENThe Jenny Wren Station
WRNYThe Radio News Station
WRVACarry Me Back to Old Virginia
WSARFall River Looms Up
WSBCovers Dixie Like the Dew
WSBThe Voice of the South
WSBCIt Won't be Long Now
WSBTVoice of the Hoosier State
WSKCWhere the Summer Trails Begin
WSMWe Shield Millions
WSMHWatch Shattuck Music House
WSPAThe Voice of South Carolina
WSROWe Sell Radio Only (The Oldest Exclusive Store in the West)
WSSHStrangers Sunday Home
WSUNWhy Stay Up North
WSVSWatch Seneca Vocational School
WTADWe Travel All Directions
WTAGThe Voice From the Heart of the Commonwealth
WTALThe Gateway to the Sea
WTAQThe Voice of the Wilderness
WTARDown in Old Virginia
WTAXTappa Keg O' Nails
WTBOThe Voice of Cumberland
WTICThe Insurance City
WTOCWelcome to Our City
WWADPenn City Station
XEDThe Voice of Two Republics
XEJVoice of the Continent
XENThe Voice of Mexico
XEWThe Voice of Latin America

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