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WJLS, Beckley

WWNR, Beckley

WCIR, Beckley


WHAJ, Bluefield

  • Top of hour ID into NBC News, Sept. 1978 whaj.mp3

WCAW, Charleston

WKAZ, Charleston

WTIP, Charleston

  • Brief aircheck, 1947 wtip47a.mp3
  • Brief aircheck, 1947 wtip47b.mp3
  • Intro by Hugh McPherson to an interview about the Braxton County monster, probably 1968 [file courtesy of Jerry Waters] braxton.mp3

WLZT, Charleston

WKJL, Clarksburg

  • “Scott Reppert He’s Alive Radio Liner.” This would have played on WKJL, Clarksburg. The voiceover talent is Rick Tarrant and the clip I use is from The Monkees movie, “Head”. reppert_promo.wma

WFGM, Fairmont

  • WFGM Transition To “The Great 98.” All of us “Stereo 98” guys (Tim Tarleton, John Conrad, Denny Burnworth, myself) all worked simultaneously for WFGM and WTCS. When WFGM’s management decided to switch from elevator music to Top 40/CHR, we were all fired…BUT ASKED TO FINISH OUT THE WEEK! This was the last night of “Stereo 98”. Me and Denny were the last ones out and we over to his house, hung out until 5am and then went and signed WTCS on. destruction.wma
  • Aircheck. wfgm.wma

WTCS, Fairmont

These files and the surrounding information and the files from WFGM and WKJL were contributed by Scott Reppert.

  • “T Top 30 Countdown” Promo. “Big” Nick Fantasia wanted a Countdown show to both go up against the other stations that were airing nationally syndicated countdown shows on Sunday afternoon AND reflect the “local flavor” of what we were playing on a daily basis at WTCS. This is the promo for that show, which was hosted by Gary Deavers. Not too many spots feature a Judas Priest music bed! countdown_promo.wma
  • “Longest Carp.” “Stroh’s Sports Today” (5:45pm weekdays) was a WTCS standard for around 50 years. In the olden days when “Big Nick” was not able to stay and do the bulk of the show live, he would tape it around four in the afternoon…thus providing instantly archived material such as this. The recordings of Stroh’s Sports Today that I would love to have copies of are Thurman Munson’s death being a “sad day in the world of boxing” and Darryl Strawberry suffering from a herniated disc (only problem being that the “s” in “disc” was not pronounced…). carp.wma
  • “Italian Hour Intro.” This is the “intro for the intro” to “The Italian Hour”. It is chopped off where it ends because before 1979 it would go on further with “and now here’s Tim Satterfield to tell you about the fine area merchants that make The Italian Hour possible”. Then Tim would read a list of advertisers that would sponsor the show. That practice was shelved when Tim left for WFGM and then WCLG and the sponsors started changing so frequently. italian.wma
  • “B.F. Goodrich News At :55.” This is a John Conrad-read intro for the 3:55pm local and State news. Everybody that I have ever heard comment on it has always asked the same question: “did the aliens ever land”? news_intro.wma
  • “Weekday Afternoon Classix” Promo. When I came back to WTCS after a short absence, we fired up an afternoon Oldies show to compliment the one I did on Saturday mornings. The aircheck that is on this site is from the afternoon version of the show, which went from 1-2pm, M-F. oldies_intro.wma
  • “Weekday Afternoon Classix” Aircheck, October 1987. All I remember about this is is that it was right after the 1987 Stock Market Crash and it was recorded so I could have something to hand in as an “audition tape” to Larry Nelson and Pete Hunter at WMQC, Magic 101 in Morgantown. I left WTCS for there about a month after this. Dig the mix of “oldies” on this thing! I always tried to do the show in “chronological” order…beginning with an oldie circa 1964 and ending up with some album cuts or “heavier hits” from the early 1970’s. reppert_oldies.wma
  • “Stroh’s Sports Today” Intro. This was produced in 1948 and ran for around 50 years! It was voiced by Numa “Doc” Fabre…later of WFGM (“Stereo 98”, “Doc’s Big Bands”) and WMQC. This was the intro for the 5:45pm sports on WTCS. sports_intro.wma
  • “Howard Stern Show” Clip. We used to carry the syndicated version of “The Howard Stern Show” on WTCS. It was right inbetween our regular programming and “Crossroads”. You’ll notice that Stern refrers to WTCS being in Wheeling. For some reason, one of the syndicators that we dealt with ALWAYS wanted to list us that way, seeing as how it was “an actual market” (this was prior to the creation of Morgantown/Fairmont/Clarksburg). stern.wma
  • “Tiny Tim” Liner. I was doing A.M. drive and one morning, unannounced, in walked Tiny Tim. He was in town with the circus (in all seriousness) and we did a couple of 2-3 minute segments on the air and then he went into the production room with his ukulele and this is what came out. The funny thing is is that WTCS continued to use this after I left, seeing as how Scott Aspinall took my place! tiny_tim.wma
  • “Saturday Morning Classix” Promo. The promo for the original Saturday Morning oldies show. Keep in mind that there weren’t hardly ANY stations playing oldies in the mid-1980’s, so this show really stood out in a world of current CHR and AOR programming. Also keep in mind that I never learned how to cut tape, so these spots were done with a turntable playing the music bed, me voicing it live, and the song clips on a cart. classics_promo.wma
  • “WTCS Alternate Sign Off.” There was a 10.5 minute cart with three sign offs on them. Two were the same “normal” ones with the National Anthem at the end, and then this one. So every third day you heard this. I can still recite the copy that is included, word for word, at any given moment! wtcs_sign_off.wma

WSAZ, Huntington

Files courtesy of Paul Urbahns.
  • David Brunk, August 19, 1969. David_Brunk_WSAZ_Aug_1969.mp3
  • Part of the sign-off announcement, 1970, during the brief period that Stoner Broadcasting of Iowa was the owner and the WSAZ call was still being used. At the end of the announcement, which is missing here, Roger D. Evans, the program director, identifies himself and reminds listeners to tune in at 6 a.m. and the national anthem is played. File provided by Paul Urbahns. wsaz1970.mp3
  • Russ Thompson, May 1970 wsaz_may_1970.mp3
  • Part 2 of the aircheck — The Jerry Marshall Show (syndicated), which aired from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. Russ Thompson is on the B. J. Thomas ad, David L. Davis did the political ad, and Paul Urbahns is reading the news wsaz_may_1970_2.mp3
  • Paul Urbahns filling in for Russ Thompson, 9:12 to 9:35 p.m., May 7, 1970 wsaz_may_1970_3.mp3
  • Jingles. This jingle package was produced by Kintel of Atlanta and was syndicated as “The Lively Ones.” Originally designed for WGR in Buffalo, it was also used on WSPR Springfield, Mass., and other markets nationally. wsaz_jingles.mp3

WTCR, Huntington

Files courtesy of Paul Urbahns

WKEE, Huntington

  • Aircheck, Randy Scott, May 8, 1961 (courtesy of Randy Scott) 14:36 wkee1961.mp3
  • Randy Scott interviews Jayne Mansfield (courtesy of Randy Scott) 2:02 scott_mansfield.mp3
  • Jingles, PAMS Series 31, 1966 wkee_jingles2.mp3
  • Jingles, PAMS Series 34B, 1967-68, with comments by Jim Schneider, “The Flying Dutchman. wkee_jingles.mp3 [Schneider was given that nickname at WKLO Louisville when he started there in 1967. He died in 1992.]
  • Barry Chase, 1973, midnight shift (thanks Glen Brannon) wkee_barry_chase_1973.mp3
  • Brief aircheck (35 seconds), coming out of an ABC Contemporary newscast on July 27, 1974 wkee1974.mp3
  • FM car radio converter ad, about 1973-74 wkee_converter.mp3

WAMX, Huntington (Ashland)

WWHY, Huntington

Files courtesy of Paul Urbahns

WMUL, Huntington

  • The first 15 minutes of the initial broadcast on Nov. 1, 1961 wmul.mp3

WOAY-FM, Oak Hill

WOAY-TV, Oak Hill

WTAP, Parkersburg

WWYO, Pineville


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