Remembering WDBS

The Campus Radio Station of Duke University (1950-1983)

WDBS Swinging

This article appeared in the Duke Chronicle on Jan. 10, 1969.

By Stephen Letzler

WDBS, Duke University's own student radio station, has several new programs in the works for next semester designed to involve the students in what's happening on campus and the world.

Evans Wetmore, station manager, said yesterday, "We are planning to start a phone-in show, comparable to "Nightcall" in New York City, or perhaps some sort of gripeline." Presently, WDBS is awaiting confirmation of an offer made to President Douglas M. Knight to appear live in a press conference situation, where President Knight would take calls from listeners.

As far as news service is concerned, WDBS is planning on remaining a subscriber to ABC news network for national news. On the local scene, Wetmore said, "We need many more news reporters to cover both Durham and Campus news." The radio station has also been handicapped in its local news reporting by thefts of its portable equipment.

WDBS plans to continue its coverage of the home basketball games and may try to cover the away games also, if a sponsor can be found to defray the cost. "At present, there are no plans to extend this coverage to any other sports," Wetmore said.

Naturally, WDBS will continue to bring Duke students the top hits of the week, along with many hits off of the more popular albums. Wetmore said that the station is also trying to get some more automated equipment so the selection of music at night, and other times when the station is not fully manned, can be greatly increased.

WDBS also will continue several of the more popular features which they had during the first semester. These include the Radio Moscow, which is broadcast on Sundays, and Homeward Bound, a special feature instituted before the Thanksgiving and Christmas vacations.

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