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An image of a WNST rate card from about 1974 is here.

November 21, 1966. T. L. Gilbert seeks 1600 kc, 5 kw-D, at Catlettsburg, Ky. Address: c/o Gilbert Trailer Sales, Catlettsburg. Estimated construction cost $36,335; first-year operating cost $40,000; revenue $50,000. Principal: T. L. Gilbert. Mr. Gilbert is president and owner of Gilbert Trailer Sales Inc.

April 5, 1967. Application of T.L. Gilbert for 1600 kc, 5 kw-D, at Catlettsburg, Ky. is accepted for processing.  (This application apparently is later withdrawn or dismissed.)

January 16, 1968. Edgar Kitchen seeks 1600 kc, 5 kw-D, at Catlettsburg, Ky. Address: 2001 Winchester Avenue, Ashland, Ky. 41101. Estimated construction cost $46,196; first-year operating cost $42,000; revenue $55,000. Principal: Mr. Kitchen is sole owner of nursing home and motel.

October 8, 1968. Edgar Kitchen seeks amendment to application, which requests CP for new AM station, to change applicant to Edgar Kitchen and Hal Murphy d/b/a K & M Broadcasting Co.  (It appears that the name was changed again later to Now Broadcasting, but this is unclear.)

March 4, 1969. Naseeb S. Tweel seeks 1600 kc, 5 kw-D, at Milton, W. Va. Address: 900 10th Avenue, Huntington, W. Va. 25701. Estimated construction cost $58,796: first-year operating cost $54,000: revenue $60.000. Principals: Naseeb S. Tweel. sole owner. Mr. Tweel owns 49% of WMOV Ravenswood, W. Va. He is also former vice president of Connie B. Gay Broadcasting Corp., group owner.

April 28, 1971. FCC designates for hearing applications of Now Broadcasting and Naseeb S. Tweel for new AM's on 1600 kc, 5 kw-D, at Catlettsburg and Milton, respectively. (Tweel ultimately got the grant, but there is no record of the date.)

November 22, 1971. Broadcasting reports that Naseeb S. Tweel requests the call letters WNST.

December 9, 1971.  The WNST call letters are granted.

June 19, 1972. Broadcasting reports FCC has granted WNST mod. of CP to change antenna: change trans. location to south side of route 60 across from Kilgore Creek Road intersection, 1.1 mile east of Milton, and change main studio location to trans. site.

November 3, 1972. FCC grants WNST mod. of CP for extension of completion date to March 22, 1973.

March 30, 1973. FCC grants WNST mod. of CP for extension of completion date to Sept. 22, 1973.

June 8, 1973. FCC authorizes program operation for WNST on 1600 khz, 5 kw-D.

January 24, 1974. FCC grants WNST pre-sunrise authority (PSRA); power level not mentioned in FCC announcement.

September 26, 1974. FCC grants assignment of WNST from Naseeb S. Tweel to WNST Radio. Consideration: $20,000. Principals: Naseeb S. Tweel retains 84% control. His brother Roger G. Tweel, station manager of WNST, acquires 16%.

October 1, 1975. FCC grants WNST license to cover for new station on 1600 kc, 5 kw-D.

February 27, 1976. FCC grants WNST pre-sunrise authority (PSRA) with 417 watts.

March 5, 1976. WNST Radio seeks 106.3 mhz, 128 w, HAAT 1202 ft. Address: Box 266, Milton, W. Va. 25541. Estimated construction cost $29,280; first-year operating cost $6,000; revenue $40,000. Format: Modern C&W. Principals: Naseeb S. Tweel (84%) and Roger G. Tweel (16%). Tweels own percentages of WMOV(AM) Ravenswood and WNST(AM) Milton.

March 19, 1976. Putnam Broadcasting Co. seeks 106.3 mhz, .3 kw, HAAT 295 ft. Address: c/o Robert J. Valleau, 454 Hodges Branch Rd., Hurricane 25526. Estimated construction cost $42,000; first-year operating cost $10,000; revenue $89,000. Format: Top 40. Principals: Eight equal owners. Applicants own
WZTQ(AM) Hurricane.

January 17, 1977. FCC designates for hearing competing applications of WNST Radio and Putnam Broadcasting Inc. (WZTQ) for 106.3 mhz. at Milton and Hurricane, respectively.

October 3, 1977. FCC, in FM proceeding, denies motion by Putnam for enlargement of issues; grants motion by WNST and extended to five business days from release of the order time for WNST to submit corrected engineering exhibit; and grants petition by WNST for leave to amend its application to specify ant. height of some 20 feet lower than was previously specified.

October 28, 1977. FCC extends to Dec. 23 deadline for filing proposed findings of fact and conclusions of law in FM proceeding and to Jan. 13 deadline for filing replies.

February 15, 1978. FCC orders record closed in FM proceeding.

March 10, 1978. In initial decision, FCC grants application of WNST Radio for new FM on ch. 292 (106.3 mhz) at Milton, W. Va., denying competing application of Putnam Broadcasting for same channel at Hurricane, W. Va.; decision to become effective in 50 days barring appeal or review.

June 16, 1978. FCC Review Board schedules oral arguments for July 18 on exceptions to initial decision granting 106.3 mhz to WNST Radio.

September 27, 1978. FCC Review Board affirms initial decision granting 106.3 mhz to WNST Radio.

March 19, 1979. Broadcasting reports that WNST Radio requests the call letters WNST-FM for 106.3 mhz.

April 30, 1979. Broadcasting reports that the WNST-FM call letters are granted.

June 1983. Naseeb S. Tweel dies at age 61.

May 1, 1984. WNST-AM-FM seeks assignment of licenses from WNST Radio to Peters Broadcasting Inc. for $255.000 cash. Seller is owned by Kathryn Tweel, executrix of estate of Naseeb S. Tweel, who also owns 49% of WMOV(AM) Ravenswood, W.Va. Buyer is owned by Roscoe H. Peters, automobile dealer in Hurricane, W. Va., who has no other broadcast interests.

June 22, 1984. FCC grants assignment of licenses of WNST-AM-FM from WNST Radio to Peters Broadcasting Inc. for $225.000 cash.

March 15, 1985. WNST-FM changes call letters to WAEZ-FM.

August 13, 1987. WNST(AM) seeks CP to make changes in antenna system.

November 30, 1987. FCC grants CP to WNST to make changes in antenna system, including increase in height of tower.

June 25, 1990. An advertisement in Broadcasting lists WNST(AM) as one of 70 affiliates of the Business Radio Network.

October 15, 1993. WAEZ-FM changes call letters to WZZW.

September 5, 1994. WNST(AM) seeks assignment of license from Peters Broadcasting Inc. (Roscoe Peters, president) to Adventure Communications Inc.(Michael Shott, president) for $400,000. Buyer owns WHIS(AM)-WHAJ(FM) Bluefield and WKEE-AM-FM Huntington, both West Virginia, and other stations.

December 23, 1994. WZZW changes call letters to WFXN.  It is unclear whether or not these call letters were ever used.

February 1, 1995. WNST and WZZW change call letters to WZZW and WZZW-FM, respectively.

January 6, 1997. WZZW-FM changes call letters to WAMX.

WNST-AM WAEZ-FM Milton (1989)

This article was submitted by the station for a 1989 publication.

WNST AM went on the air June 26, 1973 at 1600 khz; 5 kw power. The AM carries country programming. Sister station WAEZ FM is licensed for Huntington, but both stations share facilities at 1381 U. S. Route 60E, Milton. WAEZ came on the air October 1, 1980 and is at 106.3 mhz; 3 kw power. The FM format is easy listening. Both stations are owned by Peters Broadcasting, Inc., Brenda Peters, president and general manager. Her husband Roscoe Peters, owner of Peters Chevrolet, Hurricane, is co-owner.

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