History of WRRR-FM and
WVVW/WJAW, St. Mary’s

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December 6, 1976. D. Robert Eddy, Newport, Ohio, requests allocation of FM channel 269A (101.7 mhz) to St Mary’s, W. Va.

May 25, 1977. In response to petition by D. Robert Eddy, FCC assigns FM channel 269A (101.7 mhz) to St. Mary’s, W. Va.

August 6, 1979. Employee-Owned Broadcasting Corp. seeks 101.7 mhz, 3 kw, HAAT: 375 ft. Address: Box 329, Marietta, Ohio 45750. Estimated construction cost $64,500; first year operating cost $35,500; revenue 5118,180. Format: pop. Principals: Carl Clovis (51 %) and 4 others. Clovis is secretary and general manager of 5 KW Inc., radio broadcasting firm in Marietta. Employee-Owned Broadcasting is also licensee off WBRJ(AM) Marietta.

March 18, 1983. FCC grants Seven Ranges Radio Co. construction permits for new AM on 1570 khz and new FM on 101.7 mhz at St. Mary’s, W. Va.

June 20, 1983. Broadcasting reports that Seven Ranges Radio Co. has applied for the call letters WRRR and WRRR-FM.

August 1, 1983. Broadcasting reports that the call letters WRRR and WRRR-FM have been granted.

October 20, 1983. WRRR(AM) granted CP to change main studio location to outside city limits.

Oct. 1984. WVVW goes on the air on 1570 kHz. (The AM station apparently never used the WRRR(AM) call that had been granted by the FCC.)

October 29, 1984. Broadcasting reports that WRRR(AM) has changed call letters to WVVW.

September 30, 1985. A letter to the editor in Broadcasting written by Tom Taggart includes: “I am part owner of an AM-FM combo (WVVW-WRRR St. Mary’s, W. Va.) in a town of 2,400. We independently program our 1570 1 kw daytimer, and while dollar volume is small, the AM operation is profitable after 10 months of operation.”

March 11, 1986. WVVW seeks CP to change frequency to 630 khz; change power to 500 w., and make changes in antenna system.

June 9, 1986. A feature in Broadcasting commemorating the 60th anniversary of NBC notes that WRRR-FM has been an affiliate of the NBC radio network since April 2, 1984.

March 16, 1987. Broadcasting reports that WRRR-FM seeks CP to change frequency to 93.9 mhz, power to 17 kw, and HAAT to 389.9 ft.

April 3, 1987. WVVW seeks CP to increase power to 1 kw on 630 khz.

April 29, 1988. WRRR-FM granted CP to change frequency to 93.9 mhz; change ERP to 17 kw H&V; change HAAT to 118.87 m.

January 18, 2001. WVVW changes call letters to WJAW.

In 2014 the web site of WRRR shows that uses the Slogan Lite Rock 93R and is owned by Seven Ranges Radio Company, a Mid-Ohio Valley broadcasting company with locations in Parkersburg, St. Marys, and New Martinsville.

In 2014 the web site of WJAW indicates that it broadcasts ESPN radio and that is tower and transmitter are in Newport, Ohio. The station is owned by Jawco Inc., controlled by John A. Wharff II (hence the call letters). It simulcasts with co-owned WJAW-FM 100.9 McConnelsville, Ohio.

WVVW-AM WRRR-FM St. Marys (1989)

This article was supplied by the station for a 1989 West Virginia Broadcasters Association book.

WVVW AM signed on in October of 1984 at 630 khz. A religious format is carried as programming. WRRR FM came on the air October 10, 1983 at 101.7 mhz; 3 kw power. Format is adult contemporary. Ownership is Seven Ranges Radio Company, with partner Robert Eddy also being the general manager. The stations are located in St. Marys.

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